Stuttering is Cool

A Guide to Stuttering in a Fast-Talking World

By Daniele Rossi, producer of the Stuttering is Cool podcast and co-founder of Stutter Social

Book: Stuttering is CoolThe first thing that struck me, is the cover of the book, black and white. Is stuttering black and white? Is it a shitty life or just fine? People react to my stutter as "poor girl" or "what's your problem, everyone stutters once in a while". Black or white. Instead stuttering has different shades of grey. Sometimes even hopeful green, sad blue, or sparkling red. Then I open the book and see a cute Ti-ger peeking and lots of names of amazing people I know. This book must be something else! I continue and find fabulous quotes from people who stutter. Uplifting words from people who've been there, done that. I love quotes and use them in my presentations all the time, as they give me the strength to get up every time I fall. Oh, more joy, the book is a cartoon, mixed with text chapters. Ok, stop writing. Let's read.

After reading this handy pocket book, the first describing words coming to my mind are: positive, uplifting, personal, funny, straight forward. And did I say positive? If yes, I'll say it again (as a person who stutters prolongs and repeats): positive. Or even better: cool!

The writer explains stuttering, his emotions around it, his road towards acceptance ("What? Wait! Stuttering is... Ok?), the great impact of the Internet being a tremendous addition to speech therapy, the horizon broadening international outreach and lots of facts. Even a "Stuttering toolbox" with useful advice, tips and tricks. Job interviews, dating, phone calls, telling jokes, jerks and bullies, it's all there. All in a graphical way, with no two pages looking alike. You even need to turn the book around, which makes it fun to read and stops you from getting board reading facts, as in many other books about stuttering.

Than I suddenly see the page numbers. All stuttering ("Ssssssseeeee... Ssssssseeee... 8-1"). Another proof of the writer's hilarious humor, putting stuttering on the spot. I also appreciate the "nakedness" of the writer's personal story, where we get an insight in his struggle and his journey towards becoming the inspirational person he is today.

Giving an objective review, I need to come up with something that could be improved. Mmm. Can't find anything... Ok I found some: the writer might like to improve his handwriting as pages like f-f-f-f-fourty t-t-t-t-two are hard to read. Also he provides lots of helpful links. Unfortunately links change, but you do get a hint where to find the information and the free ebooks mentioned.

This highly recommendable book is a book for people who stutter who think life sucks. For those who want to learn more about stuttering. For those who have accepted their stutter and want a good laugh. A book to always have around on the table, in waiting rooms, in schools (and in the guest toilet for people who got curious by that book on your table and want to read a short chapter undisturbed).

I shed tears of laughter and emotions. And the more I read, the more I enjoyed it.

"Do you have anything to declare?"

"St-st-stuttering is c-c-c-cool, YEAH!"

A must-read!

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Girlfriend trouble

by Robert Shaw

Book: Girlfriend TroubleMickey is a regular guy teenage guy with a more or less regular family and regular friends. He also has regular school and girlfriend problems. But all changes when the girl of his dreams starts at his school. Lian is from China, with an unusual family, an unusual background, a stutter and… special skills. The moment Mickey and Lian meet, life changes.

It’s a book about a group of teenagers, living their daily lives in school, their teacher and their families.

It’s a book about bullying, the strong bullying the weaker. Not only students, but also teachers, get involved in the life long struggle against bullying.

But it’s also about friendship and love. Unconditional love, no matter size, disability or background.

It’s a book about fear. Fear about the future, fear of not being loved by friend and families. About feeling the need to, if not be the best than, at least be the worst.

But it’s also about courage. Courage to fight back, even if you know you’re not strong enough. Courage to believe in yourself and stand up for your beliefs. Courage to help others, even if you might get into trouble yourself.

It’s about strength, both physical and mental strength. The strength you gain by friends and family and trust in yourself.

It’s a great teenage book being an eye opener to all, to not judge a book by the cover.

A slow start, but once the action starts, you don’t want to stop reading!


Anita Blom
Vice Chair
European League of Stuttering Associations, ELSA

The International Stuttering Association
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