MAY 2009

31 May 2009 - ELSA has produced a 2009 update of the "International and European Disability Policy Relating to Stuttering - What You Need to Know and Why"

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ELSA has produced a 2009 update of the"International and European Disability Policy Relating to Stuttering - What You Need to Know and Why"

This update compliments the original document and the 2007 update. The publication of the first document was funded by the European Commisison during the European Year of Poeple with Disabilities. The 2007 & 2009 update were funded by the European Youth Foundation as part of their support for ELSA's Youth Meetings.

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How to Engage Famous People to further the Stuttering Cause (2008)

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ELSA's Stuttering And Disability Brochure 2003

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ELSA Leaflet 2001

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Methods and Concepts of Self Help 1993

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Stuttering and Employment 1994

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ELSA Statement: "Stuttering and Employment"

1. People who stutter wish to compete on equal terms with other people based upon their relevant skills to do a job.

2. Ability to communicate effectively should not be judged on fluency alone. 3. People who stutter are responsible as individuals for their own employment development and needs in partnership with Employers and with support from the National Stuttering Associations. 4. ELSA encourages National Stuttering Associations to educate Employers and the wider public as to the nature and effect of stuttering and promote good employment practice.

"ELSA urges further active change and development in employment opportunities for people who stutter. This may involve, amongst other things, representation with organisations of disabled people who are demanding equal opportunity legislation in the field of employment and disability".

Ratified by Member Associations at:
Amersham (GB) 1994 and Fakse Ladeplads (DK) 1995

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The International Stuttering Association
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