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1   Link   International Stuttering Association
The International Stuttering Association (ISA) was founded in 1995 and acts on behalf of stutterers all over the world.
2   Link   International Fluency Association
An association mostly of consisting professionals in the field of speech.
3   Link   Stuttering Homepage
Probably the largest information source about stuttering, maintained by Judith Kuster in Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota, USA.
4   Link   StutterTalk
StutterTalk is a weekly podcast that also has lots of uploaded videos and pictures about stuttering, news, events, etc.
5   Link   Stuttering Foundation of America
A Foundation acting to spread information about stuttering.
6   Link   National Stuttering Association
A large organisation in the USA.
7   Link   Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA - formerly CAPS)
A large organisation in Canada.
8   Link   The Association for Research into Stammering in Childhood
A UK charity dedicated to helping children with the problem of stammering.
9   Link   International Cluttering Association
Formed in May 2007 to increase public and professional awareness about this communication disorder.
10   Link   The European Clinical Specialization in Fluency Disorders
ECSF is a program developed by eight different universities and colleges in five European countries for speech-language therapists wanting to become European Fluency Specialists.
The International Stuttering Association
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