European Associations

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1   Link   Austria
Österreich-Selbsthilfe-Initiative für Stottern
2   Link   Belgium (BEST)
3   Link   Belgium (BSV)
Belgische Stottervereniging BSV
4   Link   Bulgaria
5   Link   Croatia
Croatian Association for people who stutter
"Hinko Freund"
6   Link   Denmark
Foreningen for Stammere i Danmark (FSD)
7   Link   Estonia
Estonian Association for People Who Stutter (EAPS)
8   Link   Finland
Association of the Finnish Stutterers
9   Link   France A.B.P.
Association Parôle-Bègaiement (A.P.B.)
10   Link   France A.V.B.
Association Vaincre le Bégaiement
11   Link   Germany
Bundesvereinigung Stotterer-Selbsthilfe
12   Link   Iceland
13   Link   Ireland
Irish Stammering Association (ISA)
14   Link   Israel
AMBI - Israeli Stuttering Associaton
15   Link   Italy
Associazione AIBACOM "Libera la Parola"
16   Link   Latvia
Latvia stuttering Association LSA
17   Link   The Netherlands
Nederlands Stottervereniging 'Demosthenes'
18   Link   Norway
19   Link   Serbia
Društvo za pomoć osobama
20   Link   Slovenia
Vilko Mazi Association for people who Stutter
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