ELSA is a trans-national, cross-cultural Organisation. It can seek resources only open to multi-national groups. It extends the exchange-of-information network. It can lobby for stutterers at a different level.

Its main roles are:

  • to link together and further the co-operation of Europe's national organisations.
  • to provide a forum for exchange of concepts and experiences in stuttering therapy and self-help.
  • to help represent the interests of stutterers to European and international bodies.
  • to put stuttering onto the European agenda to ensure that the needs and challenges faced by people who stutter are considered in a European context.

ELSA's work has been recognised by the International Labour Office in Geneva, the World Health Organisation in Geneva and the United Nations Office in Vienna. ELSA is also a member of the European Disability Forum, an umbrella disability organisation based in Brussels.

ELSA consists of an Executive Board and Committees comprising stutterers from all walks of life some of whom work in the field of stuttering therapy.

The International Stuttering Association
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