People who stutter INSPIRE

Show made by Michael Sugarman and his daughter Rebekah for the 13th Online conference hosted from 1-22 October 2010.

People Who Stutter, INSPIRE - a slide show

by Rebekah and Michael Sugarman
from California, USA

People who Stutter, Inspire is a 2 1/2 minute slide show which depicts People who Stutter from around the world and throughout history highlighting their roles as significant members of society. Some you will recognize as "famous people who stutter" and others you may recognize as friends! The music accompanying the slide show is from Our Time, a theater company in New York City for young people who stutter.


Michael Sugarman has made a show like this before for the conference in 2009, this show includes a lot of participants of the Youth Meeting 2009.

The Faces of Stuttering

by Michael Sugarman / with music by Scatman John

This 2-minute video features the faces of many people around the world who live with stuttering. The idea for the video was envisioned by Michael Sugarman who contacted several organizations to send pictures and put together this video with the help of his daughter, Rebekah. All individuals in the video have given permission for their pictures to be included. The background music, "I'm the Scatman" by John "Scatman" Larkin is part of the video with permission of John's widow, Judy.

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